Face Lifter

Before After-page-004 FACE ProductsEvery beauty therapist will be delighted to provide treatments with this smart little lifter.

But it was really designed so that everybody could do it themselves, at home.

The actual treatment requires only

  • 3 minutes for detoxing
  • 3 minutes for the same hyaluron serum that the eye lifter uses
  • and 3 minutes ‘de luxe’ if you want to add the ‘galvanic lift’, one of the special BYAS cremes.

Of course, a facial treatment becomes a ‘treat’ when a ‘BYAS Buddy’ gives it to you.

Before After-page-022 FACEOr imagine exchanging treatments with your partner!

Muscles and skin obviously benefit from preparation through massage as every professional beauty therapist knows.

I remember my very first face massage as a nearly sacred experience.

With its Multi-Synchronous Technology [MST] the Face Lifter combines:
15 23 12 Iontophoresis

  • iontophoresis – the flow of ions
    • to cleanse the skin with a Detox Serum 
    • and to nourish the skin with Hyaluron Serum




15 23 12 Radio-Frequency

  • radio-frequency






15 23 12 EMS

  • and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).
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