Eye Lifter

15 23 12 Eye Lifter MST

A taxi driver used to drink Red Bull to keep himself awake. Now he uses the Eye Lifter to brighten his eyes and thus sold oodles of them! People have reported that their vision has improved due to the use of the Eye Lifter.

The technology is based on

  • the naturally produced hyaluron serum that diminishes in the ageing process
  • micro-current (iontophoresis) to ensure that the serum goes deeply into the delicate tissue around our eyes.

There are two versions of the Eye Lifter:

  1. where serum distribution is separate from the vibration for £29;
  2. where the two functions are combined, as the one in the picture labelled BYAS MOVE MST (Multi-Synchronous Technology) Eye Lifter for £59.

The Eye Lifter can also be used for deep wrinkles instead of the Face Lifter which has have iontophoresis built in – with three levels of intensity – and two larger surface areas.

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