The Magic

51mzdgar2fl-_sx345_bo1204203200_Hyaluronic Serum is the ‘magical’ ingredient that both the Eye Lifter and the Face Lifter apply to re-stimulate ageing cells. It has amazing effects when taken internally and applied externally!

Here are the results of a clinical study verifying ‘moisture retention’ even when it is taken internally, to help dry and rough skin! No wonder when applied externally, it takes wrinkles away!

Electrical Muscle Stimulation or micro-vibration is the dynamic contribution in the lifters.

Iontophoresis or micro-current is the chemo-physical technology.

When a Swiss company introduced a serum-based product to the UK market, it was sold out in no time, as a Daily Mail article published – already in 2012:

In 2014, the Daily Mail praised the serum with this article due to a Boots product:

In the BYAS products, the ‘real magic’ happens, of course, due to the combination of the serum with hi-tech, i.e.

  • biology + electronics = bionics in the BYAS Bionic Youth Activating System.

Before After-page-003 BYAS

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