Eye circles lighten up, wrinkles are shrinking and skin is glowing #BYAS

This video demonstrates the immediate proof of the effective treatment with the Eye Lifter:

  • moisture retention rises enormously!

I have now had twelve face treatments. The beautician says I’ve improved by 50%. The moisture retention measurements have improved from 37 to 54 on the cheeks and to 82 under the eyes.

Unfortunately, the photos taken with a phone are not good enough to show the difference. But I can see even myself:

  • the laughing wrinkles are less deep
  • the dark area around the eyes is getting smaller and smaller
  • the dark is getting lighter.

A friend of mine on skype noticed that the circles around my eyes are not as dark any more! Isn’t it nice when beauty does not only come from within and ‘decorative cosmetics’ but the combination of:

  • the magic of a biological hyaluronic serum
  • and the hi-tech of micro-current, micro-vibrations and radio frequency?



Progress in #Health and #Beauty with #FierceGrace #PelvicCorrection and #FaceLifter

Discovering Joy from looking in the mirror at 71!

My Hot Yoga Story

This business of ‘working on oneself’ is demanding. Especially in a hot room where you’re following instructions to stretch your body beyond its normal limits. For it challenges you to stretch your mind, too! You can’t just think “I’ll do that tomorrow…”

Similarly with the exercises that Alexander Barrie gave me to do with his amazing Pelvic Corrector tool:

  • it takes self-discipline to do them. But they do touch muscles, ligaments and tendons that nothing else does!

I must keep going in the hope that I keep making progress with my chronic pain condition.

At Yoga today I re-met a friend after many years and she was amazed at how I had changed! At first I thought she referred to my looks:

  • after five face lifter treatments the dark circles around my eyes have lightened up, the bags under my eyes are less pronounced and my skin has definitely more ‘glow’ and…

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The #Hyaluronic Miracle as the basis for Feeling Good thanks to Looking Good

Hyaluronic Acid is the magic: the natural ingredient that the Eye Lifter and Face Lifter use to nourish and revitalise the skin.

The book describes its advantages in detail.

When applied to the face, the moisture monitor proves that moisture retention improves INSTANTLY after a treatment.

This Daily Mail article approves of the magical serum, too:

But, as so often, the ‘killer app’ is the combination of

  1. the serum – of top biological quality
  2. micro-current – scientifically acknowledged for its effectiveness and
  3. micro-vibrations – for electrical muscular stimulation.

And finally, the proof is in measuring the retention of moisture:

  • before and after a single treatment already
  • at the end of a series of treatments.

Today my face reached 72% – after five treatments when I started with 37%

Obviously, a full treatment with face massage is much more effective than your DIY touch…

Watch my face! We’ll show it on Before and After photos, as soon as my beauty therapist is happy with the results!

#Hyaluronicacid plus #HiTech in most effective new beauty products for #socialmarketing

This Daily Mail article proved the wonders of hyaluronic acid already in 2012: it was sold out in no time, after it was introduced in the UK by a Swiss company.

The Hi-Tech includes mechanical, physical, chemical and electrical stimulation – all in one – in tiny devices rather than large lifting machines currently installed in beauty salons.

It is

  • patented,
  • highly efficient
  • and yet highly affordable!



Welcome to Revolutionary Products and a Remarkable Business Opportunity!

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